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Hugenote Monument, Franschoek Monument to Paul Kruger at Church Square, Pretoria Voortrekkermonument, Pretoria

Foto: jot1949 Foto: jclauded1 Foto: Jolanda Graaf, 2008
Voortrekkermonument Hoeksteen Anglo Boere Oorlog Monument Naboomspruit Isandlwana Veldslag (Anglo - Zulu War)
Foto: John, Kamor, Flickr, 2010 Foto: John Paquay, Flickr, 2010 Foto: John Steedman, Flick, 2010
by Fort Skanskop Memorial to the 300th Anniversary of the Settlement of the French Huguenots in South Africa (1988) Delville Wood monument, Cape Town
Foto: Enigmatic Traveler, Flickr, 2010 Foto: Vaughanoblapski!, Flickr, 2010

This monument is to those who died In Delville Wood during the World War I . It is now of two replicas of the original erected at the war graves site in Delville Wood , France. The second is to be found in Johannesburg.

    Foto: Kleinz1, Clive Reid, Flickr, 2010
Hugenote Monument, Franschoek Voortrekkermonument, Winberg, Vrystaat Anglo Boer War memorial, Graaf Reinette
Foto: Ajay B2010, Flickr, 2010 Foto: Christ Doherty, Flickr, 2010 Foto: snullr, Flickr, 2009
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